May 9, 2013#

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Supermarket Score Cinnamon

If ever there was a spice more stereotyped by “one trick pony” status, cinnamon would take top honors.  We all know it as the backbone of Sunday morning French toast, the bit of lovin’ that makes snickerdoodles so delightful, or even that inedible stick floating in your warm apple cider.

Cinnamon is so much more than all that!  It’s used the world over as an ingredient in cleaners and mouthwash and even makes a great alternative to moth balls in keeping critters out of your wardrobe.  Cinnamon is also highly acclaimed as an addition to savory foods in many types of cuisine all across Asia and North Africa.  Check out these three unexpected places to incorporate cinnamon that will give your jar a life beyond coffee cake.

Pick up some new ideas for an old spice rack standby on my newest post to Rachael Ray’s blog.

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