My Story

Food is my life. Always has been. Probably always will be.

I first picked up an interest in food from my Grandma. Over summers scented with strawberries and propane cookouts, she taught me how to simmer, bake, and – most importantly – use food to open up your heart and home to those close to you.

Spending an adolescent life with my face glued to a new and then fledgling channel going by the name of “Food TV” (since renamed “Food Network” – I know, you’ve probably heard of it), my first job was in my best friend’s mom’s restaurant washing dishes. When not swabbing the decks on the clock, I devoured magazines and library-loaned cookbooks off the clock. As college selection time came a’knocking, culinary school just seemed like a natural choice.

Earning lessons in living, loving, and eating (thank you, Wolfgang Puck), I walked away from The Culinary Institute of America with a Bachelor’s Degree in my hands and a zeal for food media in my eyes. I’ve since dedicated my life and career to sharing stories, lessons, and experiences with people through books, magazines, newspapers, television, and the web. I’ve had the amazing and unexpected pleasure of learning from some of the best people in this business. Above all, I’ve been successful with it thus far because I’m speaking from the heart about a topic very near and dear to me – food.

Food is my life. Always has been. Probably always will be.

When not making food media magic in New York City (or wherever else in the world I should hear the calling), home is in a perpetually-in-progress 1935 arts & crafts house in New York’s bucolic Hudson Valley with my husband and cat.