November 20, 2012#

Cooking Channel’s “Devour” Blog >> “Dinner Rush! Hanger Steaks with Ginger-Cranberry Sauce”

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With Turkey Day just around the corner, everyone seems to have their knickers in a twist about turkey, stuffing and all that nonsense. Sure, it’s all delicious (and don’t even get me started on the binge-fest known as “dessert”), but I’m getting a bit of a head start on the unsung, fail-safe hero of the Thanksgiving table. I’m giving it up for the cranberry.

Pigeonholed into a can-molded, jellied sidekick to turkey or juiced companion to vodka and lime, the breadth of the cranberry’s abilities is far-reaching and delicious. Think of it as going great with more than just poultry or booze. Take a hanger steak, for instance. It is rich, meaty and sings in perfect harmony with the tart, acidic flavor of cranberries.

Pick up the recipe (and more of my homage to the humble cranberry) on my newest post on Cooking Channel’s Devour blog.

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