Consumer Baking Books by The Culinary Institute of America
Consumer Baking Books by The Culinary Institute of America
Consumer Baking Books by The Culinary Institute of America

Consumer Baking Books by The Culinary Institute of America

As a Production Assistant at The Culinary Institute of America, I worked on numerous books authored by the college and its esteemed-faculty.  Recipe testing, writing captions, and managing the art programs for editorial projects, I’m credited in the following published titles:

Gluten-Free Baking with The Culinary Institute of America (Adams Media, 2008)

Many gluten-sensitive people have only dreamed of eating gooey cinnamon buns, crusty French bread, savory pizza, and smear-worthy bagels. But now, thanks to Chef Richard J. Coppedge Jr. of the Culinary Institute of America, everyone can indulge. He shows readers how to use alternatives to gluten to bake delicious favorites: Maple Pecan Tart; Pineapple Upside-Down Cake; Cream Cheese Rugelach; Molten Chocolate Cake; Ham and Cheese Scones; Potato Leek Quiche; and Black Bottom Cake with Cherry Compote. Whether first-time bakers or professional chefs, readers will find the baking techniques comprehensive and easy to master. Using a combination of Chef Coppedge’s flour blends, readers will soon be creating pies and tarts, cookies and brownies, and savories and pastries to tempt any palate, gluten-sensitive or not.

Cake Art (Lebhar-Friedman, 2008)

If you have a creative spirit and want to try your hand at cake and cupcake decorating, Cake Art is for you. Chefs from the CIA’s prestigious Baking and Pastry faculty describe the various techniques and provide easy-to-follow instructions so the home baker can create beautiful cakes and cupcakes. Cake decorating is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone and children can help with 8 of the 27 projects included in Cake Art.

Baking Boot Camp: Five Days of Basic Training at The Culinary Institute of America (John-Wiley, 2007)

In Baking Boot Camp, Julia Child Award-winning cookbook author Darra Goldstein takes you along as she embarks on two demanding Boot Camp courses, Baking and Pastry, where the fatigues are chef’s whites and the weapons of choice are whisks, piping bags, and a bench scraper. Goldstein chronicles progress through each day of each course, bringing to life the intensity, the rigor, and the camaraderie that set Boot Camps apart from other cooking classes. Along the way, she reveals the tips and tricks of baking and pastry pros, sharing their fascinating insights with us on everything from the importance of weighing all ingredients to the secrets of perfect puff pastry.

Founded in 1946, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), located in New York’s Hudson Valley, California’s Napa Valley, and San Antonio’s vibrant Riverwalk Neighborhood, is an independent, not-for-profit college offering bachelor’s and associate degrees in culinary arts and baking and pastry arts.  A network of more than 37,000 alumni in foodservice and hospitality has helped the CIA earn its reputation as the world’s premier culinary college.  The CIA is the author of numerous culinary books, including Gourmet Meals in Minutes, Book of Soups, Breakfasts & Brunches, Grilling, and One Dish Meals.

Gluten-Free Baking photos by Keith Ferris
Cake Art photos by Diane Padys
Baking Boot Camp photos by Ben Fink

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