September 17, 2013#

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Dinner Rush Mustardy Chicken Thighs with French Lentils

I love a good cooking competition reality show as much as the next guy. My husband and I make it a habit, in fact, to pause the DVR the moment the Chopped mystery basket is opened: “Quick, what would you make with toasted corn cereal, silken tofu and a bottle of pomegranate kombucha?!”

I have to excuse myself from viewing, though, when they reach for the mandolin. Every time, without fail, it makes me recoil. The “only 10 seconds left!” tenacity with which they wield those things usually leads to a bit of their fingertip being added to whatever salad or fancy garnish they’re prepping.

I’m cringing just writing about it.

That’s why I implore you to make the investment to buy a mandolin ASAP.

That’s right – become friends with a mandolin today.  Find out why and try a new recipe that’s prepared using it from my newest post to Cooking Channel’s “Devour” blog.

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