September 9, 2013#

RachaelRay.com Blog >> 3 New Ways to Spruce Up Your Seltzer

RachaelRay.com 3 New Ways to Spruce Up Your Seltzer

At New York City’s Chelsea Market, a really delicious change is happening on the menus of the restaurants that fill the ground floor – they’re making their own sodas. It’s not crazy difficult; it’s just a syrup base mixed with bubbly water. But since they’re making their own, delicious flavors like cherry-vanilla and Thai basil are trumping traditional cola.

You’ve probably got seltzer on-demand on your countertop, right? You can make a simple syrup, too, right? Then you, my friend, are on your way to making soda of your very own.

Check out my newest post to Rachael Ray’s blog for 3 all-new ideas for homemade sodas (or spruced up cocktails).

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