May 2, 2013#

RachaelRay.com Blog >> “Play-By-Play: Fresh Ricotta Cheese”

Play-by-Play  Fresh Ricotta

Last week, I posted a “Supermarket Score” blog with some new ideas for using up buttermilk.  One idea in particular – the homemade ricotta cheese – elicited some facebook comments and emails from some of my friends.  They were intrigued, but wanted to know more.  “It can’t be that simple to make at home!” some said.  “How do I know if I’m doing it right?” said others.


Be not intimidated!  I’ve got a Play-By-Play coming your way to walk you through the whole thing so that you, too, can show off your own homemade ricotta cheese to your friends and family.  Check out my newest post on RachaelRay.com to learn more!

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